More Fun with The Pokemon GO Plus Bluetooth Bracelet

Pokemon GO is the new app that is sweeping the nation. It’s a gaming app that holds fast to the original reasoning behind Pokemon of catching them all, and defeating gym leaders. But, this app has people jumping out of their total seats with excitement, literally.

Pokemon GO Plus Bluetooth Bracelet


Pokemon GO uses Google Maps to position Pokemon across the world. Players to make use of a tracking system to research Pokemon within the 30 meter radius. When the player finds the Pokemon, they then use the camera on their smart phone to aim and throw a Pokeball at the Pokemon to capture it.

Roughly number of 9.5 million people are banding together to turn into the subsequent Pokemon master. The app has groups of friends searching around their towns and cities to get’em all. It sounds fun, right? So here are five basic tips to jumpstart, in order … Read more